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Vacation Rental in Guadeloupe


Les villas de Ti Source are located in 1835 Chemin de Varin 97116 POINTE-NOIRE.


To get there from the airport:

When leaving the car rental area, take the RN11 towards Basse Terre, then follow Basse Terre on RN1, then take a right towards the RD23 Road Crossing.

Browsing the entire length of the RD23, At the intersection turn right towards the RN2 Deshaies.

When you arrive at the entrance to Pointe Noire, you experience a first VITO gas station on your right, when you get to the second CAP station on your right, count 4 turns, then turn right towards Morne BelleHotesse Gommier North, you step on 400m then take the first right path Varin we are 400 m on the right.


If you do not succeed in locating us call us at 0690539412 or 0690583697.


Carole and Patrick are available for any question before your arrival. Make you feel at home is our goal!


This questionnaire is available to contact us easily.

Les Villas de Ti Source

1835 Chemin de VARIN

Tel: + 590 690 539412

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